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AutoFlood II™ Hopper Car

Rotary or Automatic Discharge with Patented MegaFlo™ Doors

AutoFlood II

AutoFlood II ™ is FreightCar America's automatic discharge, five pocket hopper car.The AutoFlood II ™ is aerodynamically designed with smooth sides to reduce wind resistance and improve locomotive fuel conservation. The car's operational flexibility accounts for part of its enthusiastic acceptance. It can be bottom unloaded through automatic discharge doors or rotary unloaded. And at the mine, the car's 13-foot 3-inch side height increases loading flexibility.

A center of gravity lower than that of previous AutoFlood models provides greater track stability and reduced maintenance requirements.

AutoFlood II ™ is equipped with an automatic discharge door system. Named MegaFlo ™, it was designed, engineered and patented by FreightCar America's freight car and component design team. MegaFlo's ™ 50-inch door opening width combined with a door opening speed as fast as two seconds assures coal shippers that these highly efficient coal carriers will be making another fast and efficient turn.

As with all FreightCar America aluminum freight cars, great emphasis has been placed on the design and manufacture of a car that provides its customers with an optimum balance of light weight and high capacity. The addition of the high strength, Cold Rolled Center Sill (standard equipment on all AutoFlood II ™ cars) provides a combination of strength and light weight.

Specifications and Dimensions

AutoFlood II ™ Aluminum Hopper Car



47' 9-1/8"

Over Strikers

50' 5-1/2"

Over Pulling Face

53' 1"

Truck Centers

40' 6"



10' 5"

Over Top Chords

10' 5-7/8"


Extreme (at corners)

13' 4"

Rail to Top of Chord

13' 3"



4,300 CF

With a 10" Heap

4,685 CF

Gross Rail Load

286,000 Lbs.

Light Weight

50,100 Lbs.


Load Limit

235,900 Lbs.

Center of Gravity

With a 10" Heap