ExcellenceFreightCar Facilities

FreightCar America has invested millions of dollars in computer-guided numeric and digital production machinery to add speed, accuracy, and quality to its freight car manufacturing process. Our operations team bears total responsibility for its multi-step sub-assembly tasks with each individual contributing his or her part toward meeting the standards for quality, safety, and on-time completion.

Once FreightCar America's design engineers have developed a new car or component, or have completed the design for a new order of cars, the manufacturing group assumes the responsibility of building quality freight cars from the wheels up to the top chord.

The manufacturing group faces the complex challenge of fabricating components, building sub-assemblies, applying specialty parts, attaching floors, erecting sides and ends, painting and stenciling, and numerous other tasks that lead to a finished railcar. Welders, assemblers, riveters, and painters produce freight cars to meet the detailed specifications and high quality standards expected by FreightCar America customers.

Operations - Shoals/Cherokee, AL

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FreightCar America, Inc. announced that it has sub-leased approximately 25% of Navistar, Inc.’s Cherokee, Alabama manufacturing facility. Opened in 2008 and located in the Shoals region of Alabama, the state-of-the-art production facility was designed to efficiently build a wide variety of railcar types. FreightCar is preparing the Shoals facility for operation, with the first deliveries of new railcars expected in the second half of 2013. When fully operational, the facility will have the capacity to build over 7,000 railcars per year.



Operations - Danville, IL

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The Danville Plant was established in the early 1900s as the main car shop for the Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad, and was acquired by our company in 1995. The plant has grown from a repair facility to a major manufacturer of new railroad freight cars. In October 2001 the Danville Plant earned the "Business of Distinction" Award presented by the Vermillion County Economic Development Corporation for its exemplary real-time Quality Information System. The 308,000 square foot plant includes a high volume paint facility.



Operations - Roanoke, VA

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Our leased production facility has grown from its intial inception in 2005 into a high-tech, state of the art railcar building facility. Continuous growth and expansion has provided yet another quality asset within our manufacturing footprint.





Railcar Service Parts - Johnstown, PA

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Our 86,000 square foot parts processing facility offers a large, in-stock inventory and a full line of high-quality forged, cast, and fabricated railcar parts for all car types with either aluminum or steel bodies.

Just some of the components available are side assemblies, side sills, side top chords, grab irons, hopper doors, corner posts, K-frame assemblies, corner caps, roping staples, and side stakes.We are also a source for fasteners and custom fabricated parts.

Call the toll free parts hotline at 877.739.2006 to join the ranks of our satisfied parts customers who receive quality parts quickly.


Administration- Johnstown, PA

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FreightCar America’s Administrative Center is located in the center of Johnstown, PA. Housing the primary functional business teams whose primary focus is on process, quality, and providing outstanding service to customers worldwide.





Corporate Headquarters - Chicago, IL

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Tasked with corporate stewardship and organic and strategic initiatives, the Chicago based executive staff helps drive strong company-wide team performance. This effort is undertaken to maintain our position as a market leader, achieve operational excellence, and improve customer and support systems while managing and controlling costs.